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Yes. We’re all eager for our schools to reopen. The Covid-19 pandemic has now ravaged our country for over a year, killing more than half a million people, causing great economic hardship to all but the wealthiest, and exacting a savage psychological and emotional toll on our entire population.

Everyone agrees. Social isolation and lack of intellectual stimulation at a critically formative young age damage our children. Parents trapped in the role of full-time childcare providers express frustration and anger: they don’t have the skills or time to educate their children; they need to get back to work. Businesses…

Dark stormy sky over ocean
Dark stormy sky over ocean
Pacific Coast North of Santa Cruz, California. Christmas, 2019

A sojourner walks Sky Road toward the dark mercurial sea. Caldrons of molten silver flare bright. Cold light. Gentle wind disperses sea foam and wisps of virga across the abyss. Journeying into Winter. Death. O Death.

I’d had several forewarnings — premonitions — of her death . . . of Death. Back then, I didn’t know for sure that it was her death. I thought maybe my death, or a friend’s.

Certainly it will be all of us, sooner or later. Right? Death and taxes. What is one to do? Decide (or not) how (or if) you want to prepare…

mary flodin

Mary’s clifi eco-thriller, Fruit of the Devil, a finalist for the PEN Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction, was published by Paper Angel Press in 2019.

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